How to Be Present: The Power of Awareness in Your Relationships

Hands spread out to nature

If you want to build healthy relationships and make meaningful connections, you have to understand how to be present in the moment. We all crave connection. We are born with a sense of insecurity which causes us to lack connection to our true spirit. Presence awakens and strengthens our awareness and connection to our spirit.

Build a Strong Brand Yourself in 3 Steps: Becoming the Expert in Your Field

A man in black suite representing his own brand

If you want to build a successful business, you have to brand yourself. Personal branding is essential to building a successful career or business. As the saying goes, “you are your own brand.” Your personal brand is carried with you wherever you go and is conveyed through your actions. These three steps are paramount in creating a strong personal branding strategy that resonates with others and helps you achieve your career or business goals.

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