Let Go and Let God: How to Show Up Differently

Woman with smile under the sun letting go of herself by swinging her arms open

When we believe that God has already done the work, we show up differently. We can approach our goals with a sense of confidence and trust, knowing that everything is working out in our favor. When you get out of your own way and allow God to work through you, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

5 Steps to Reach Your Weight Loss Goals And Transform Your Body

Guy who has lost weight making comparison

Have you set your weight loss goals for 2023? Are you looking to be more healthy in the new year? Whatever your goal is, you have to take some steps because no matter how much you dream it, you won’t get it if you don’t act toward it. If you follow these tips and transform your body. Make 2023 your year!

Embracing Uncertainty: Learning to Trust Yourself and Stop Resisting

Man facing different questions and is uncertain about what to do

Acceptance is letting every situation be what it is instead of what we think it should be. We get trapped in the cycle of wishing our experience/situation/present moment was different than what it is. We don’t realize how often we miss the magic or the lessons in front of us because we are too busy wanting it another way.

Change Your Mindset to Win Big in 2023: Understanding the Success Factor

Man jumping from can't to can as a result of changed mindset

Anybody can utilize information about acquiring different skills necessary to become the best. But changing your mindset to recognize you are the “secret” to your success can be challenging. YOU are the X-factor. You are driving your circumstance. To, change your mindset and see yourself as the X-factor that will drive you and your business to success.

What to Do with Money: Debunking the Top 5 Money Myths

A girl confused on what to do with her money

Most people don’t actually know what to do with money. When it comes to money, there are a lot of lies that we are taught or tell ourselves. If you learn about money and how to behave around it, you can prepare yourself for a bright future.

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