Setting Yearly Goals: What is your word for 2023?

Three different hands pointing at a target

Anyone can make a New Year’s resolution. But to achieve goals in life, you must set an anchor to keep with you all year long. Planning for your yearly goals starts now. 2023 is here. No goals in life come quickly. There will be challenges you have to overcome.

5 Common Mistakes People Make as a Salesperson and How to Avoid Them

Man with his laptop wondering how to avoid burnout and how to recover from burnout.

What is holding you back from being successful? As a salesperson, there may be mistakes that you are making that you need to be made aware of. By avoiding these common mistakes, you will be well on your way to being a confident and successful salesperson, and your income will surely follow.

Defining Our Identities: Why Our Job Title Doesn’t Define Who We Are

Man with conflicting identity

When someone asks us who we are, our first response is to tell them what we do for a living. But our job title and what we do for work do not define who we are. We are the rule makers of our own lives; it’s up to us to decide who we want to be and how we want to define ourselves.

Change Your Perspective from “Woe Is Me to Wow Is Me”

Different perspective of two people seeing the same number

Your words are powerful and vital in helping you change your perspective on life and business. When you go through adversity, you often don’t realize how you got out. If you want to make an impact, share your story. Commit and go for it.

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