Overcoming Adversity: How to Define Your Purpose and Make Your Impact

Man pushing a big stone backwards in pain and suffering

Your legacy is defined by the impact you make on humanity and the world. But more than leaving your mark on the world, a legacy is about living with purpose. Our identity and the impact we leave are forged in pain and suffering. It’s in those moments of overcoming adversity that become the groundwork for your legendary story.

How To Manage Stressful Situations And Achieve Your Goals

A jubilating man after he got a notification of goals achievement

When overwhelmed with stress, achieving your goals can be impossible. Adversity often creates fear, and fear creates stress goals. What if you have a powerful identity that you still need to tap into? When you live in alignment with yourself, that opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Embracing Authenticity and Certainty as the Critical Steps to Success

Man climbing the steps to success to make a positive change.

Certainty and authenticity are the steps to success; these go hand in hand to create the results you are looking for. Certainty is assurance—the belief you have in yourself and your abilities. Authenticity is the process of living as your true self. In other words, it is who you are—no fakeness, lies, or facade—just you!

How to Get Out of a Funk

Man trying to get out from a funk; His own head

We all feel stuck sometimes, but the question is how to get out of a funk when we realize we are in one. Try to step out of your situation and analyze it objectively. When feeling in a funk, try these seven tips.

How to Be Kind: 5 Things We Have All Forgotten How to Do

Lady showing kindness to a roadside beggar by giving him gifts

In this fast-paced age, we often lose sight of how to be kind to others around us. Oftentimes, we plan every single detail of our day, but forget to channel the power of kindness.
Look into different ways to be kind. Make an impact in any way possible. No matter how small, every act of kindness creates a positive impact.

How to Use Daily Reflection to Create a Better Life

A man looking to the mirror for reflection as he combs his hair

December is a month when we typically use the practice of daily reflection. This is the time when we look back on everything we did in a year and make plans for the years to come. It helps us analyze our lives and take the necessary steps toward fixing any bad or unwanted habits.

Be Authentic: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

A man hiding behind a mask to avoid attracting his kind

Authenticity is undoubtedly very powerful; you can only go so far when you are fake. Indeed, your vibe attracts your tribe. You are who you attract; there are no two ways about it.
Seek to attract people who allow you to be authentic and yourself while elevating you toward greater pursuits at the same time.

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