It’s An Attention Economy: How Are You Getting Attention?

A young man wondering how to get attention in an attention economy.

You can only accomplish something or get attention if you stay focused and work on honing your recipe for success. For the dish to be successful today, in this age of information overload, you need certain ingredients and procedures.
Here is a full guide to the ingredients and procedures for cooking up success and making your dreams a reality.

New Year, New You: Challenge Yourself For 2023

It's a new year

New year, new you. In the coming year, invest in yourself and let more people know you. You must understand that you always have something to bring to the table, so be more confident about your abilities. The more you express your abilities to the fullest, the more others get inspired and become better for themselves.

Pay Attention to Get Noticed: Two Types of Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Two individuals paying attention at a lecture on marketing strategy

What we pay attention to – and the way we do it – is how we receive the attention back, whether in life or business. There are numerous types of marketing strategies available to us that we can use to help our business succeed.
Attention triumphs over anything. The faster you know how to get attention, the faster you move.

What Is Experiential Marketing, And Why Is It Important?

Experienced marketers outlining marketing plans on the board

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy of bringing customers into an environment that allows them to experience your brand. Give your customers remarkable experiences, and they will return for more. When you understand what’s vital to your end buyer, you open the door for immediate purchases and future ones.

How to Make Better Decisions: Lessons Learned From Getting Sick

A woman thinking of what decision to make

Learning how to make better decisions is crucial for all of us. Sickness isn’t always a setback; it also gives us a chance to pause and reflect on the lessons taught by life during this phase.
Life’s challenges and adversities are not what you want, but what you require in order to grow.
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Plan for a Successful 2023 Through Honest Personal Reflection 

A lady in front of the mirror staring at her reflection

Before you can plan for 2023, you must evaluate yourself and your year through honest personal reflection. Three things need to be done after rounding up the year. They include self-awareness, acceptance, and self-audit. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today because you know how to grind and center yourself when things go wrong.

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