Communicating With Impact

A man having an impactful communication with another team member

Businesses operate on absolutes, not maybes. Communicating with impact enables business owners to help the team adhere to clearly-defined operational standards.
It’s important to hire the right people for the job. You need people who can implement efficient business communications to the standards that you set.

How a Goal Setting Vision Board Can Help You Reach Your Goals

A woman writing out her company's vision and goals on the board

Start reaching your goals today using a goal setting vision board. Life will happen no matter what: plan it out for yourself. Be proactive and keep focusing on your dreams even when bad times happen. Make small attainable goals and build confidence with each goal reached.

How to Run a Successful One-Person Business 3 Useful Practices to Implement

A man controlling the affairs of his one-man business

Wondering how to run a successful one-person business? Being a successful solopreneur often demands a great deal more than a powerful idea.
Find ways to make it easier for the prospective clients to find you. Create systems to follow-up constantly. Finally, learn how to manage your time more efficiently.

How to Let Go of Control to Be More Present in the ‘Now’

A woman about to let go of balloon control

Release control and understand that sometimes in life, things just ARE. You can only control your actions. Release control of things out of your control. Accept the NOW. When you don’t face a problem, they grow. You don’t have to be happy about it to accept it.

8 Types of Marketing and Sales Strategies for Long Term Planning

A team of individuals discussing on the type of marketing strategy to use

Before starting to strategize your marketing or sales process, you must understand yourself and the different types of marketing and sales options. Think about yourself and who you are, and what you do, and figure out what marketing and sales types work best for you before the end of 2022

What is Perseverance? How to Persevere in Life to Reach Success

A man learning how to persevere in hardship while trying to be successful

What is perseverance? Unfortunately, people easily quit on their goals, dreams, and resolutions because they don’t know. Trevor Houston discussed the 9 things you can do instead of quitting. Dream, get up, and make your dream a reality by going all in, doing the work, and putting things in place. Do not give up. Get up.

How to Be Mindful and Live Your Best Life in 2023

Group of business women mindful of their plans

The key to being able to live your best life is to be mindful and visualize your life. Our minds are powerful entities. Take time to slow down, allow yourself to pay attention, and visualize where you are headed.
Visualize your 2023: What you are building; visualize you being your best self, sharing your gifts, and making a positive impact.

You Are What You Think: 4 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

A limiting himself trying to get out of his own head

Oftentimes, you’re held back by your self limiting beliefs, and the only way to move forward is to get out of your own way. Know that your thoughts shape your life.
To fully open yourself up to receive all the good life has to offer, it’s time to call your fear out. Refuse to play small; take a risk by opening yourself up to receive more in your life.

4 Keys to Success in Life: Developing a Winning Mindset

A man with a winning mindset

The definition of what it means to “go all in” differs for every person, which is why success in life can entail a different perspective for every individual. However, the key to succeed in life lies in consciously building a winning mindset. Start by defining what success means to you.

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