How to Practice Gratitude Daily to ‘Crews’ Beyond Limits

How to practice gratitude

Excerpt: Gratitude can help you shift your focus from envy, comparison, or judgment to help you remain positive and reach your goals. But gratitude starts with yourself. Be grateful for where you are and what you have achieved. Every step counts.

12 Keys to Seize the Opportunity to Succeed

successful business owner smiling in front of white themed office area with the keys to seize the opportunity

How to succeed even in a recessional economy? The answer is simple: seize the opportunity to succeed right when and where you spot it.

Every new day is a new opportunity for success. Mindset is the key to success. While there is pain around us, there are also incredible opportunities around us, depending on our mindset.

The Things To Be Passionate About In Life

Things to be passionate about in life

At some point in your life, you had a dream and a passion for life. But sometimes, that passion is lost. How do you get back to that passion? Refocus on your dreams and purpose, and you can find your passion again.

Quiet Reflection: What’s Going On In Your World?

Quiet Reflection

Most of us forget to take time to reflect on our lives, our goals and our dreams. Take a moment this year to do some quiet reflection and answer key questions about your life. Whose life am I living? Am I living life on my terms? Am I doing what I’m supposed to do to level up?

5 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

A happy face living life to the fullest

How would you live life to the fullest if you found out you had one year left to live? What are some of the things you can do to check things off your list?
Start by waking up early. Instead of arguing, prove yourself. Know that second-guessing yourself can lead to inaction.

Marketing tools for small business: Optimize Your Time

Marketing tools for small business

Just because you are a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. There are exceptional marketing tools out there you can use to run your business and even scale. Here are our favorite marketing tools for small business and how to use them.

Finding the Balance in Giving and Receiving

Layers of balanced rocks

There is a balance to giving and receiving. You cannot constantly give, or you will lose your energy; and you cannot constantly receive or you will drain the energy of others. However, you can live in balance where you accept from others and give in return; this is the balance to giving and receiving.

How to Get Excited About Life

A man excited about life

Over time adults lose the natural excitement for life that children possess. Through hard times, grief, or struggles, we forget that life is the one thing we can’t get back. So, the big question is how to get excited about life when life has become dull? By looking at life through a child’s eyes, we remember feeling excited about life again.

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