12 Keys to Seize the Opportunity to Succeed

How to succeed even in a recessional economy? The answer is simple: seize the opportunity to succeed right when and where you spot it.

Christin Kingsbury, the founder of Get Some Assets, dished out some interesting tips on how to see the opportunity in front of you and seize it.

Seize the Opportunity to Succeed: 12 Ideas

As the year is fast approaching an end, here are 12 significant questions to help you direct your focus so you grab every opportunity you deserve:

1. Assess where you are now 

Which bad habits are not serving the mission? When times are good in business, most people get sloppy with their mission. Therefore, it’s important to stop and have a reality check. Develop the habits you need to have in order to become the person you want to become. 

Your mindset is extremely important in your current situation because only what you feed your mind can propel you forward or vice versa. Your time is valuable. We sometimes push our goals aside in order to please everyone. What you focus on, you find. What you focus on will start showing up everywhere.

2. Decide where you are going before you can seize the opportunity

You must remember what you need to do to get where you want to go, i.e., the actions you take to get there and the people you associate with. 

3. Determine what the gap entails 

If you are lacking in the income-generating area, what activities do you need to take to help you increase your income? Who do you have to say “NO” to so you will have the energy to take the right action? Find like-minded people who will push you to be better.

4. Live as if you’re ten steps behind

Because of the negativity around us, we miss out on opportunities. Be willing to try out opportunities for success, whether you end up willing or failing; either way, you go harder next time.

5. Trimming the excess

Cut the clutter because clutter causes chaos. More things require more time. Don’t go into debt for more things; rather, start getting rid of the things that are not additive to you. Checking yourself often will keep you on track.

6. Seize the opportunity to raise capital

Raise your capital as soon as possible. Sell the things you are not using. Every human has the ability to create passive income. Make more money with the things you keep. Make good use of the holidays. Your competitors are on vacation; go get their business.

7. 10x your productive activity

Get in touch with new clients. Work on increasing sales. Add value to your employers so you can earn more. Ask if there is anything you can do for them, that way, you are adding value to them and earning more.

8. Build your team 

Analyze who you can work with, who has the necessary knowledge, and who holds you accountable. You don’t have to be everything; successful leaders know how to delegate. Get a team and build with them.

9. Find the problems that need to be solved

People pay to have their problems solved. When there is a down market, opportunities show up everywhere.

10. Give it your all to seize the opportunity

What have you already lost by not going all in? You have lost a lot of money, time, clients, and a ticket to a better life by not going all in. Make that decision to go all in right now.

11. Block the “Chicken Exit”

What are those silly excuses you make that still keep you stuck? You have to block your chicken exit so that you can take action. Use your pain to motivate yourself. Push your button. There are people betting on you to fail. Go win because the greatest revenge is success.

12. Seek to connect and serve 

Be intentional and listen to customers’ pain points. The opportunity is in the service people are looking for. Be prepared. What you do now determines your future and the future of those around you. Begin now to seize opportunities.

Create opportunities for success by shifting your mindset

Every new day is a new opportunity for success. Mindset is the key to success. While there is pain around us, there are also incredible opportunities around us, depending on our mindset. Remember to:

  • Rearrange your day; put the energy drainers at the bottom of your to-do list, so they don’t ruin it.
  • Be willing to fail in order to potentially change your life.
  • You owe it to those around you to make the right financial decision.
  • Build an entrepreneurship mindset.
  • Focus on your money-making activity, not your busy work.
  • It all starts with believing in yourself and taking uncomfortable actions to become a better you.

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